How Is Content Marketing Evolving?

By NativeAI / January 7, 2015


What role will content play for brands going forward? How is the field of content marketing changing?

Trying to predict what’s coming next is always a tricky undertaking, but our Content Marketing All-Stars were up for the challenge. While at the Incite Summit: East, we convinced a number of marketers from top brands to look into their crystal balls and foretell the future (you can see the full Q&As here).

So what’s in store? Here’s how some of the All-Stars we talked to think content may evolve both in general and within their organizations:

Julie Fleischer, Director of Data, Content and Media at Kraft Foods: A pivot that is going to be made is really looking at content as not just as an engagement element in and of itself–as a way to sell products and communicate value–but it also as a way to learn about the consumer; so thinking about content out and data in is going to be the next evolution of content marketing.

Rose Hamilton, EVP and CMO at Pet360: Having a place where consumers know they can trust the content and the answers they are getting will become increasingly more important, that’s one part of it. Another piece is…data plus content that’s appropriate, relevant, and trusted will equal more and more personalized, unique experiences.

Joe Chernov, VP of Content at Hubspot: What we’ve seen is that content marketing has really grown up, it’s moved from the kids table to the grown-ups table so to speak. As a result we’re seeing a lot more experimentation with with content types, content formats, and and the types of companies running these programs… there’s some awesome stuff taking shape right now.

Jason West, former CMO, North America, of H. J. Heinz: I think content will continue to be about one of two things: Either it’ll provide utility for the consumer or it’ll provide entertainment. I think brands over time will begin to self-select and figure out whether or not they really belong in the content game. They’ll start figuring out why [they’re creating content] to which of those purposes, or both, and then the rest of the brands will probably move on to something more efficient for them.

Michael Stenberg, VP of Digital Marketing at Siemens: What we’ve observed at Siemens is that the conversion rate on content is much higher than on branded advertising, so we expect a shift from traditional media as well as digital advertising into storytelling and content marketing.

Kara Segreto, CMO of Prudential Retirement: We’ve always thought we own content, we create it, we’re the knowledge-base for it, and I think what we’re seeing now–and it’s only going to continue–is that it’s co-created. It’s shared, it’s enhanced, by the masses that access it and engage with us. 

Lesli Rotenberg, SVP of Marketing and Communications at PBS: I think our role will continue to evolve as we continue to invite more viewers in–after all, we are public media. So we’ll invite viewers in in new ways to participate with our content, create their own content inspired by our content, and then to share their stories with us.

Kristin Fernholz, Lead Digital Strategist at Alex and Ani: We have to deploy and test, to see what’s resonating with our customers, and then reevaluate and test again, until we find something that is actually hitting the right customers, with the right content, at the right time.

Nick Johnson, Founder of Incite Marketing and Communications: I think [the role of content] is only going to become more important, and I think for us the way we hope content will evolve is that we hope it’ll become more collaborative–which is something we try to do everyday.

Want more great insights from our All-Stars? Watch the full Q&A playlist from the Incite Summit: East below:


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Written by NativeAI / January 7, 2015