Content Win: Citibank #SoLongWallet

By NativeAI / December 11, 2014


Getting people to change the way they pay for things can be difficult, to say the least. Most of us pick a method out of habit or necessity, not because of a personal connection.

So how do you inspire consumers to not only try a whole new platform—Apple Pay—but also choose your institution as their default provider?

Citibank has been smartly tackling this challenge with its recent #SoLongWallet campaign. The initiative aims to make the unemotional concept of mobile payments more engaging by linking it, tongue-in-cheek, to the very emotional experience of breaking up (with your wallet).

What makes the campaign truly impressive is the sheer breadth of it. Some of the (many) cross-platform aspects include:

A Vine campaign with posts from influencers:


Tweets from popular Internet stars:


Live events at malls across America:


And, perhaps best of all, an excellent breakup playlist on Spotify:


Written by NativeAI / December 11, 2014