Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Engage the Right Audience and Deliver Performance

Take the scattershot approach out of native advertising, and stop paying for wasted clicks from an audience that isn’t interested in your message. Traditionally, ad campaign performance has easily been hampered by wasted budget spent on the wrong audience. NativeAI changes that, completely.

The NativeAI platform engineers native advertising to reach the right audience, causing engagement metrics to skyrocket. Through the power of advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, advertisers can drive impressive ROI, and finally exceed their KPI’s on demand.

NativeAI Fuels Ad Engagement

Advertisers report an average 20X increase in engagement with NativeAI over other content amplification platforms.

Intelligent Audience Match

Placing Your Native Ads Where They Perform Best

The NativeAI platform gives advertisers a secret weapon to increase their spend ROI, and crush their key performance indicators (KPI’S). The power of the platform is based on three differentiators.

Smart Interest Targeting

Our platform features cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, constantly working to aggregate data on more than one million distinct audience interests. With a sample size of more than sixty million, and growing, we know how users interact with content, what kind of content drives the most engagement, and why.

This automated interest analysis helps NativeAI hyper-target native advertising much deeper than a simple demographic model. It ensures your content appears to people who are actually interested in what you have to say.

Premium Placements

When your content is relegated to a widget area, or pushed to the bottom of a story along with a bunch of other clickbait advertisements, engagement is not the only thing that suffers. Your brand image suffers as well.

NativeAI’s native advertising features first-class, organic content that is truly native to high-quality web properties. We not only drive engagement, we increase brand reputation by placing your native advertisements in the premium spotlight your brand deserves.

Campaign Analytics

The NativeAI platform’s deep analytics engine provides detailed intelligence on your audience. Running native ad campaigns on NativeAI means you will learn who your audience really is, and get insights on what content is performing best for which segments.

As you learn your audience’s preferences, what kind of ads perform the best, and which segment responds to what content, you don’t just get ahead of the game - you change the game.

See how Autodesk used NativeAI Promoted Content

to successfully connect with target audiences

Autodesk harnessed the power of the NativeAI platform to effectively reach niche groups...

How It Works

NativeAI isn’t difficult to manage, and it doesn’t require hours of work on your part. Getting started is simple.
Campaigns are manageable. And the impact is scalable.


Setup a Content Feed

The power of NativeAI is in deep audience intelligence. All we need to start is links to content, or even better, an RSS feed. The system takes care of the rest. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, NativeAI will automate deep audience analysis to understand the best way to target your content, automatically extracting and reformatting the story to fit into the News360, and partner publisher, responsive layouts.


Continuous Optimization

Once your campaign is running, NativeAI continuously optimizes, making sure the right stories are promoted to the right audience. You get access to a real-time dashboard, showing who’s engaging with your content, and how it’s performing.


Measure, Learn, Repeat

Once the campaign is completed, NativeAI provides you a report on the earned engagement, data on the engaged audience, as well as insights into what content did well,and why.

Most clients are impressed by the results, of course, but they are also amazed at the ease of use and the rich, actionable data they receive.

Top Brands Rely on NativeAI

"Would I run another sponsored content campaign with News360? Absolutely. Especially when other channels aren't delivering on engagement. A platform like NativeAI is a great place to put our promotional budget."

"By promoting our content in News360, we reached an engaged audience of readers who are eager for exactly the type of content we create on Relate, which helps us generate brand awareness among a large population of who are passionate about the same topics we are."

"News360 amplified our brand voice and thought leadership by simply leveraging our existing content creation efforts."

How to Get Started

It's Easy and Fast!



Get an Audience Match Demo

We recommend getting a quick audience match demo,
which will give you a much better understanding of how
the platform works, and what you should expect.


Review Our Test
Campaign Proposal

We provide a campaign proposal
based on your budget and goals.


Activate the Test Campaign

Monitor engagement on your real-time dashboard, or wait for the
campaign to finish and view the result report. Then, repeat as desired.

Crush Your KPI’s Like a Boss

Put Artificial Audience Intelligence to Work For You and Crush Your KPIs

Deep audience intelligence and machine learning is a secret weapon for native
advertising. Put that weapon to work for you, and experience what it’s like to
change the native advertising game and crush your competition.

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