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True Publisher Analytics

Every question you have as a Digital Publisher, answered:
  • Who reads your content?
  • How much do they engage with it?
  • Which audience segment likes what content topics?
  • What other topics will each audience segment be interested in?

NativeAI combines audience analytics with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to take the guesswork out of audience engagement. The NativeAI machine learning algorithms analyze your content to identify from more than 1 million distinct interests, sift through audience behavior data to compile actionable insights into what content drives the most engagement. With these insights, produce the Right Content, for the Right Audience, at the Right Time.

articles you have published

Your Content

first step of NLP for content classification
Headlines, authors, tags, media, captions, and more are detected and cataloged.
natual language processor scans your stories

Linguistic Analysis

Each piece of content is automatically cleaned up and parsed to be machine readable by advanced Natural Language Processing.
content topics, objects are identified by AI

Entity Extraction

An interconnected ontology identifies all known entities in a story (people, companies, locations, etc.), and automatically updates as new ones emerge or existing ones change.
Identified objects in content are classified based on our taxonomy


AI recognizes topics across broad categories (politics, entertainment, etc.) and more than one million niche categories (cryptocurrency, fly fishing, etc.).
audience interests & content topics are clustered by affinity scores


NativeAI crawls all news content published on the web, recognizing stories from different publishers that cover the same event. The importance of individual stories can be estimated, and your performance benchmarked against other publishers.
tracker examines how deeply readers interact with your content

Behavioral Analysis

Every action on NativeAI-enables sites is analyzed to create a unique Interest Graph for every reader. Common patterns and behavioral predictions can easily be discovered across audience segments.
Audience on your digital publication who are reading your stories

Your Readers

Audience Interests in a structured hierarchical treemap

Reader Interest Graphs

content analytics goal
audience interests
Science 2.1% Religion 2.5% Fashion & Beauty 2.7% World News 2.8% Good News 2.9% Health 2.9% Social Sciences 3.3% Tech 4.2% Celebrations 4.3% Sports 4.6% Design 4.9% Law & Crime 5.8% Society 6.2% Politics 6.7% Business 6.8% Media 6.8% Arts 8.6% Food 11.5% Entertainment 20.7% Lifestyle 22.1%

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Content Intelligence that lets you take data-informed decisions

Blindly creating and promoting content without understanding what engages your audience isn’t marketing, it’s guessing.

Content Analytics tools are plenty, Data is everywhere, but how much of it are you able to use immediately? The problem has traditionally been a lack of actionable, understandable intelligence and insight.

How NativeAI solves Data Overload

Content Analytics

NativeAI gives you all the common metrics you need to measure the effectiveness of your content

Engagement Volume & Quality

Measure Performance in terms of Quantity (number of readers) as well as Quality (time spent reading and scroll depth)

Real-time Content Intelligence

Know how your content is performing, as it picks up steam across channels and various audience segments

Actionable Content Insights

Give your Editorial & Distribution teams the power they need to proactively increase engagement, and crush their KPIs.

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